Songwriting for Mental Health

To close the year, Remedy Music School will offer each participant the opportunity to record one of the songs written throughout the year.  Lastly, each participant is welcome to perform an original at the Remedy Music School Annual Party in the Park in June 2024.

The following information will be included in your registration package - schedule for the 2023-2024 year:

Tues, Sept 12 at 6-7 pm - "Why write, what could I have to say?"

Tues, Oct 10 at 6-7 pm - "The creative minds action"

Tues, Nov 14 at 6-7 pm - "How to find inspiration every day"

Tues, Dec 12 at 6-7 pm - "As the year ends, I choose to write"

Tues, Jan 9 at 6-7 pm - "Songwriting diversity"

Tues, Feb 13 at 6-7 pm - "Who wrote that?  I did!"

Tues, March 12 at 6-7 pm - "The courageous songwriter"

Tues, April 9 at 6-7 pm - "When words aren't enough"

Tues, May 14 at 6-7 pm - "Let the music say"

Tues, June 11 at 6-7 pm - "What will summer bring?"