Music for
mental well being.

Remedy Music School fosters the discovery of one’s full potential while developing your unique artistic capacity through transformative learning experiences that address nerves and anxiety.  Our programming and private instruction enable students to release their voice as a human being through their art, music, and writing with anchoring confidence.

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Discover your artistic essence

The Remedy experience breaks down personal barriers while building an acute awareness of your individual capacity to express yourself through the one-of-a-kind essence that is you.  You are your ART; your art is you.

Remedy Teachers are passionately driven local artists

Remedy students have access to one-on-one training, group classes, and mentorship with a diverse array of artist professionals who are focused on building a successful artistic lifestyle in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and beyond.

The Remedy Process

Whether you’re new to your artistic journey or well along the path, the Remedy Process will empower your personal growth, and the development of the skills you need to succeed.

Dig below the surface of who you are to discover your ART

Our definition of ART is Authentic Roots Truth.  Remedy teachers guide you through the discovery and creation of your ART through the Remedy Process.